Službena stranica općine Tomislavgrad

History of the town

Tomislavgrad has changed its names through different historical periods. During the Roman Empire it was called Delminium, a name derived from the Ilyric word D’lmno – pasture, or dalma (delma) – sheep.

In times of Croatian and Bosnian rulers it was called “Županjac” (it was a place where the governor of the Parish of Duvno lived) and during the ruling of Turkey it carried the name Županj meaning stream.

From 1925 to 1945 while part of the Austrian–Hungarian Monarchy, Tomislavgrad was called Županjac; from 1945 to the nineties it was again called Duvno, and in the end the name Tomislavgrad was returned. The day of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad is celebrated on the 8th July.

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