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The Municipality of Tomislavgrad has the potential for the development of almost every branch in tourism, especially in the following:

  • Winter tourism
  • Mountain tourism
  • Speleological tourism
  • Rural and eco tourism
  • Tourism based on water activities
  • Hunting and fishing tourism

Hunting is a significant activity which will have its impact on the development of tourism in this area.

The goal of management of the hunting areas is farming and protection of species together with increasing the number of wild animals, all in accordance with the prudential possibilities of the hunting area.

In the area of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad there are 3 active hunting associations:

  • Hunting association “Vran”
  • Hunting association “Orlov kuk”
  • Hunting association “Zavelim”

According to the overall surface of the area of 966 km2 the Municipality of Tomislavgrad is one of the biggest municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Numerous mountains that surround the municipality (“Vran”, “Čvrsnica”, “LJubuša”, “Tušnica”, “Midena”, “Zavelim”)and two lakes : The Lake of Blidinje (“Blidinje jezero”) and The Buško Lake (“Buško jezero”) are an invitation for visitors who find themselves amazed by the beauty of nature after taking the tour..

When we take terrain and climate into consideration Tomislavgrad itself makes a separate region. Other parts of the Municipality can be divided into five separate areas:

  • The basin of Šujica (“Šujička kotlina”)
  • The field of Duvno (“Duvanjsko polje”)
  • Roško field (“Roško polje”)
  • The Buško area (Buško područje)
  • The valley of Vinica (Vinička udolina)

The people of Tomislavgrad are proud of their rich history, especially with the coronation of king Tomislav in 925 in The Field of Duvno (“Duvanjsko polje”) which is the reason why Tomislavgrad is often referred to as the royal town.

Stelae (Stećci)

Necropolises in The Field of Duvno (“Duvanjsko polje”) stand out with their grace. You can find them in villages: “Sarajlije”, “Zidine”, “Letka”, “Lipa”and “Mandino Selo”.

Basilica of Duvno, Monastery and the Museum

Basilica of Duvno is considered to be one of the main sights of the town. Visitors can sit in a peaceful yard in front of the basilica and just enjoy. The interior is decorated by the painting “Jesus, friend of the little children” (Isus prijatelj malenih) painted by a worldwide known artist Vlaho Bukovac.

In the same yard visitors will find the Franciscan Museum, the Franciscan Library, the Gallery of the Museum and the Exhibition of Ancient Elephant.

The underground world of the Field of Duvno (“Duvanjsko polje”) – speleology

More than 200 speleological objects: pits, caves, sinkholes can be found in the mountain massifs around the Field of Duvno (“Duvanjsko polje”) and the Buško Lake (“Buško jezero”).

The speleological association in Tomislavgrad “The Palace of Mijat” (“Mijatovi dvori”) brings us to better understanding of hydrological, geological and physical processes, but it also introduces us with the special values of the underground in our karstic terrain.

“Dahna cave”

The cave that has almost everything. It is a magnificent archaeological finding and even better paleontological site. Estimated age of the remains of bears found here is from 5000 to even 20000 years.

Built on its own – “Veliki Samograd”

In the karst of Duvno, in the deep ravine of the mountain “Grabovica”, there is a deep sinkhole which is 190 m long, 110 m wide and 40 to 60 m deep.


Mountaineering association “Orlova stina” takes more than 170 km of hiking trails, some of which are extremely challenging while others are good for a pleasant gentle walks.

The most famous trails:

  • “The King’s Trail” (“Kraljevska staza”)
  • “One Million Steps Walk” (“Put od milijun koraka”)

 –part of the “Via Dinarica” trail which connects the most of the natural and cultural sights, as well as the mountaineering associations of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbia and Kosovo, op.a.).

  • “The route of Our Lady of Sinj” (“Staza Gospi Sinjskoj”) – starts at the Franciscan abbey in Rama Šćit, goes through Tomislavgrad and Solin to Sinj.


“The Buško Lake” (Buško jezero)

“The Buško Lake” on the altitude of 700 m is the greatest artificial lake in this part of Europe.

During the summer months the water of lake is fairly warm and suitable for swimming. The lake is favourable for almost all sports which require wind and the surrounding mountains give visitors the opportunity for hiking and resting in mountain huts.

People who enjoy fishing regularly visit the Lake.

Nature Park “Blidinje” (Park prirode Blidinje)

The Blidinje Lake (Blidinje jezero), placed between mountains “Čvrsnica”, and “Vran”, is one of the most stunning sights in this area.

Nature Park “Blidinje” offers various tourist attractions including numerous mountaineering, skiing and biking trails and together with rich gastronomic offer every year they attract more and more visitors.

Culture and Information Centre Tomislavgrad

Beside private exhibitions, promotions, plays and popular Acting and dancing school, Culture and Information Centre is a great place for individual exhibitions, plays and artist’s performances that come from different places and cultural institutions.

Some of the most known events that happen for several years are:

  • Presentation of traditional costumes and contest for the most beautiful Croatian woman in a traditional costume outside the Republic of Croatia is a famous event that connects Croats from all over the world and promotes shared traditional culture.
  • Days of Saint Nikola Tavelić are a central spiritual and cultural event organized by several cultural institutions and the Municipality of Tomislavgrad.

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